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Surreal Plan & Design

This VIP service is tailored to be exactly what you want it to be.

 Simple as can be,  show up and say "I Do" obe involved every step of the way! 

Starting at $5,000

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Full Service Wedding Planning and Design

Surreal Plan & Design is all about you and giving you the VIP treatment. 

Having a wedding planner provides you with the peace of mind, that everything will be expertly planned, the events of the day will be directed accordingly and the entire day will run smoothly. Your wedding planner will direct your wedding party and guests to their appropriate places at the appropriate times and handle any unexpected hurdles without ever bringing worry to your brow. 

You and your partner are the stars of the show!

Smile and enjoy this momentous occasion as you pledge your love for one another.

Allow your wedding planner, your personal assistant, if you will, to take care of everything but the vows themselves.

Simply sit back, relax and let us take care of the rest!

Your only job is to enjoy your special day and make once in a lifetime memories with the love of your life!

We are there for anything and everything you need! 

Every step of the way from the moment you say "Yes!" to the person you will spend the rest of your life with,

to the very end of your reception, we will be there to guide you through this journey and

handle all the details so you don't have to worry about a single thing!


We are the first to arrive and the last ones to leave!

Your wedding doesn't have to be stressful.

Your wedding doesn't have to be a lot of work, at least not for you!

You can choose to be as involved in the planning process as you would like!

This is a comprehensive, all inclusive package. 

All we need is for you to answer our in depth questionnaires,

supply complete guest lists with addresses

and approve our work periodically along the way.

Your comprehensive, all inclusive wedding planning package should be booked 12 - 36 months in advance,

however, if you are running short on time, give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate you!

We have experience pulling all the details together for a fabulous last minute wedding, so reach out to us, we can help!  


What does this package include?


Let's get together for a drink, get to know each other and discuss your wedding vision a little bit. 

We will spend a lot of time, together and communicating, while planning your wedding.

It is important for us to form a connection. You need to feel comfortable instilling your trust in me.

I would absolutely love to be your wedding planner

but just as not every relationship turns into a marriage, we may not be compatible. 

I look forward to meeting you and can't wait to get started planning your wedding!

Planning Meetings

We will have monthly meetings throughout the planning process just to check in, answer any questions you have,

give recommendations when appropriate, get approvals from you and

just be there to support you though this process in anyway that we can. 

Two and three months before the wedding day we will meet every other week.

Starting five weeks before your big day, we will have weekly meetings

to ensure we know exactly what you want for your big day!

Communication is unlimited! Though we will schedule our more formal meetings as per the schedule above, communication is always unlimited! Call, text or email with any and all questions or worries. We are here to be your guide, your confidant or even just an ear to listen!

Unlimited Contact Hours

200 + Average planning hours

Complimentary Wedding Webpage 

We would love to design a custom webpage just for your wedding!

This webpage can serve as the communication link between you and your entire guest list!

Give your guests a peak inside your relationship, tell your love story and really allow your guests to connect on a deeper level with you and your life partner! Your wedding website can share important details and updates regarding your wedding, share your wedding registries, allow guests to rsvp and send well wishes. This is also a great place for you to share all of your wedding and honeymoon photos and videos with your friends and family.

Engagement Photography Assistance


Start your engagement off right with some gorgeous photos of the two of you! We will help you select the perfect photographer and assist in scheduling your photo session as well as be a point person of contact for your photographer. Think of us as your personal assistant, here to assist with anything and everything. We will even attend your photo shoot, if you wish.

Engagement Announcement Design and Distribution

Weddings By Ashland is your right hand man or woman! We will either design your engagement announcements or assist you in finding the perfect design, as well as address, stamp and mail your announcements for you!

Engagement Party  

What better way to announce your engagement to your friends and family than with a party? 

The engagement party is often the first meeting of both partner's families. 

Whether an intimate gathering of your closest friends and family or a big blow out is your style,

don't miss out on this opportunity for your two families to come together as one!

This service includes design, label and delivery of the invitations as well as design,

organization, set up and clean up of the party itself.

Sit back and let Weddings By Ashland take care of everything!

Comprehensive Budget Development​

Easily discover your realistic wedding budget through our comprehensive budget analysis worksheet. The budget you have available and your wedding vision can be analyzed and evaluated to help guide you to an appropriate wedding date and budget.

Venue Research and Selection

We will work to compile a viable list of potential venues to fit your wedding style, preferences and budget.

Weddings By Ashland will review the potential venues with you, schedule visits and accompany you to venues of interest.

Venue Walk Through

After you have selected the wedding venue, we will schedule additional walkthrough visits to aid in planning the details of your big day.

Vendor Research & Selection

Weddings By Ashland will work to compile a viable list of potential vendors to fit your wedding style, preferences and budget.

Your wedding planner will review the potential vendors with you, schedule interviews with each vendor of interest and accompany you to each interview. Vendors include but are not limited to : Photographer(s) / Videographer(s), Sound Tech(s) / DJ(s) / Band(s) / Musician(s), Officiant(s), Caterer(s), etc.

Venue / Vendor Contract Review

Weddings By Ashland will review each contract and negotiate to the best of our ability to ensure you receive the best possible price. We will then review each venue and vendor contract with you to ensure there are no surprises before you agree to the terms of said contract.​

Vendor Point of Contact

Your wedding planning team will be the vendor point of contact both before and on the wedding day ensuring that your special day runs smoothly and you don’t have to worry about anything! Focus on enjoying your time and making memories rather than dealing with the behind the scenes details.

Stationary Design and Distribution

We will work to create or find appropriate wedding stationary that will coordinate with your wedding style, preferences and budget. Once a selection of stationary has been compiled, we will review the options with you. We will then place the order as well as, stuff, address and mail your stationary. Weddings By Ashland will also collect all replies to ensure each guest is accounted for and cataloged appropriately in your client file.

Wedding Style & Design


We will create a file that is uniquely yours including all the ideas, notes, photos and preferences we discuss . Together, we will explore a variety of relative style & design options available within your budget. This file will help us determine your wedding style and design the wedding of your dreams!

Viable Visioning


Let’s take a close look at your wedding plans and evaluate the feasibility within your budget.

Some plans may be altered with the main goal of crafting a cohesive wedding vision

that can be executed seamlessly on your wedding day!

Your wedding team will coordinate between vendors and the rest of the wedding team

to ensure all objectives have been met to bring your wedding vision into reality.​​

Timeline Development

Every last detail of an event needs to be planned out and timed just right to ensure smooth transition from one event to the next. Your wedding planner will walk through every seemingly miniscule detail from the minute you arrive at the venue to the minute you leave the venue. For more complex packages including Luxury, Surreal, Tranquility and Serenity, the wedding planner will also create timelines for delivery, set up, vendors and breakdown for use behind the scenes. ​

Accommodations, Hotels & Transportation

Do you have guests coming in from out of town? We are not travel agents but we can help to set up hotel reservations and arrange  transportation for your guests as well as luxury transportation and accommodations for the wedding party!

Welcome Bags

It is customary to supply gift bags / welcome baskets to guests that require overnight accommodations in order to attend your wedding. These gift bags / welcome baskets can contain a number of items to say a heartfelt welcome! Gifts, travel toiletries, relaxing bath bombs, oils and creams, robes, slippers, snacks, drinks, brochures for local attractions, coupons or gift cards as well as a schedule of events before, during and after your wedding are common items found inside a gift bag or welcome basket. Your wedding team will happily prepare all bags or baskets and ensure they are delivered to each room before your guests arrive.

Etiquette Guidance

If you are looking for a traditional wedding, some aspects of traditional weddings or customary proceedings of traditional weddings, we would be happy to guide you through the process of planning and scheduling everything needed for the traditional wedding.

Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is a celebration of the impending nuptials. Your close family and friends come together to celebrate in anticipation of your wedding. Guests often "shower" the bride or couple with housewares to assist in establishing a new home together or with cash contributions toward the cost of the wedding.

Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties

The wedding details have all been planned, the hard part is over and it's finally time to take a break! Kick back with your close friends, reminisce about your single days, celebrate your upcoming nuptials and just relax! How will you celebrate? Two separate parties or one big celebration? This isn't your grandmother's era, You can celebrate however you choose fit!

Wedding Rehearsal


You are the star of the show! As with every great show, everyone needs to know their place and rehearse their part to ensure your wedding day is perfect on the first take! Rehearsal is typically scheduled ten days or less before the wedding.


A mock rehearsal can also be scheduled after venue selection, before invitations are printed, to ensure the wedding schedule is cohesive for wedding photos. This works best when the wedding planning begins more than 1 year before the wedding date, as ensuring a cohesive wedding schedule depends upon the time of year, sun/moon location/stage, etc.

Rehearsal Dinner

It is customary for the groom’s parents to host a dinner after the wedding rehearsal. In these modern times, it is not uncommon for the bridal couple to host the dinner themselves as it is a way to relax, have a good time and thank your wedding party and guests for attending the wedding rehearsal.

Wedding Set-up / Clean-up

The last thing you want is to run around like a crazy person, totally exhausted and not able to enjoy your wedding. You don’t have to worry about the details of your wedding when you’ve got Weddings By Ashland as your right hand man or woman! It’s hard to prepare yourself for your special day if you have to do all the set up and decorating before the wedding and it really ruins the festive, romantic mood if you have to break down and clean up after your wedding! That’s why we take care of all that for you! We will return the event space to its original state, arrange for rentals to be returned and ensure that your personal items and gifts are delivered to your home or family liaison.

Wedding Decoration

As with the wedding set-up / clean-up service, you don’t have to worry about the details of your wedding

when you’ve got Weddings By Ashland by your side! Let us handle all the decorating

while you spend your time getting ready for your special day!

Wedding Day Coordination

Murphy's Law states : "Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong!"

That's why you need a personal assistant to work behind the scenes! 

Every planned and unplanned situation will be handled with discretion so that you can

focus on getting married to the love of your life and making incredible, once in a lifetime memories!

Post Wedding Brunch

Do you have guests coming in from out of town to attend your wedding? Your out of town guests went above and beyond to get here for your wedding. Honor and thank them with brunch the day after the wedding. Bid farewell to your guests in style!

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