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Ashleigh and Jared Peaking Tree.png

Ever since our first date,

Jared and I have been inseparable

After a few short months,

that very sweet boy

wandered into a jewelry store

and spent a small chunk of his saving

on what was originally supposed to be

a promise ring.

But when it came right down to it,

he realized he wasn't looking for a promise, he was looking for forever!

Three months after our first date,

we were engaged!

We got married a year later and we celebrated 16 years of marriage

July  2021!

Partners in Life. Partners in Business.

Think of your wedding in terms of a scene in a movie.

You and your partner are the main focus

but the scenery, behind and around you

really makes it a picture perfect scene.

Jared is a big part of the behind the scenes action.

He is our scene builder.

When your wedding vision includes

something that will cost too much, can't be delivered in time

or simply doesn't exist yet,

Jared takes it as a challenge,

to create something that will meet our needs!


And let's not forget about the endless amount of

props and décor' that need to be delivered

to and from

the ceremony and reception sites!

Those items won't transport themselves!


Jared doesn't design the set or

work with the clients directly

so you may not notice everything he does

but I promise you,

if he wasn't part of the team, you would certainly notice! 

Ashleigh and Jared Kiss by Tree.png
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