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Meet The Dream Team!


My dream (this company) started in 2010 when my best friend got married. She tried her best to accommodate every request from every guest, including changing her wedding date again and again, but it just seemed like her wedding was never going to happen! Were people trying to sabotage the wedding? Did they even want a wedding anymore? Should they just go to the courthouse or runaway and elope!

Of course they wanted a wedding! They wanted to share their love with their friends and family! They wanted to shout from the rooftops and let the world know that they had found the person they were going to spend the rest of their lives with; their soul mate!   

It is unproven and unlikely that anyone was trying to sabotage their wedding but the planning was proving to be way more pressure and stress than this beautiful bride could deal with. I was tired of wiping stress tears from my best friend's face, at a time that we should have been celebrating, having fun, planning the wedding of her dreams and only crying happy tears!

"There has to be a way to plan a wedding without all that added stress!"

Thus, this business was born! 

From the moment my friend decided she was done changing the date to accommodate others, I was there to take the stress away! 

The big day was only 6 weeks away! Could we even plan a wedding in 6 weeks? And if we could make a wedding happen in just 6 weeks, would it be what she wanted or would we end up eating pizza delivery at a local park after the "I do's". 

The wedding went off without a hitch ... well one hitch: my best friend got "hitched" to the love of her life! My apologies for the cheesy pun. According to my sister, cheesy puns are one of my most endearing quirks. 

From that day forward,

I was known as a " Miracle Worker"!

Ashleigh Pink Lace Knees up.png
Jared Leaning Tree.png

This handsome fella is the love of my life, my soul mate, and my husband, Jared. I suppose, if you really want to get technical, the first wedding we ever planned together was our own!

Somewhere between school and homework, Jared and I planned out the details of our own wedding. We  didn't care that wedding planning took up every second of free time we had, or that we were so consumed with wedding planning that we didn't have time to spend with our friends! We were eager to start our lives as husband and wife! 

We paid our own way down the aisle with a small wedding in the front yard of my grandmother's farm. Our wedding photos feature a big red barn and some substantial lilac bushes long before barn weddings were popular.

Was it the wedding of our dreams? Not exactly. But it was the wedding we could afford and at the end of the day, I married my soul mate, and I could not ask for a better life partner!

   Ashleigh & Jared Sutherland, Partner's for life, Husband and Wife 

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