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Serendipity Program

We understand that not all wedding budgets are created equally

and not all budgets allow for a professional wedding planner,

which is why we created the Serendipity program.

Starting at $500

Wedding Day

Sponsored Discounted Plan

The Serendipity Program was created to give couples with lower budgets, the opportunity to work with a professional wedding planner who will help stretch your wedding budget, develop your ideas into viable wedding visions as well as ensure your wedding planning journey is both enjoyable and stress free! 

You and your partner are the stars of the show!

Smile and enjoy this momentous occasion as you pledge your love for one another.

Allow your wedding planner, your personal assistant, if you will, to take care of everything but the vows themselves.

Simply sit back, relax and let us take care of the rest!

Your only job is to enjoy your special day and make once in a lifetime memories with the love of your life! 

Fill out an application for the Serendipity Program today.

Once submitted, your application will be reviewed and if sponsorship can be secured,

you will be contacted to schedule a consultation where we will discuss the details of the sponsorship offer.

The Serendipity Program Application should be submitted 18 - 36 months before the wedding day. 

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