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All Things Weddings

You're engaged! Let us be the first to wish you a truly heartfelt congratulations!

Planning for your wedding and subsequent marriage is not a race, it is the journey of a lifetime!

It would be a true honor to be a part of your journey to the altar!

Settle in, relax and enjoy the ride.

We will take care of the details so you can focus on capturing those breath taking memories!

Every wedding is unique to the engaged couple. We provide a collaborative design process that allows your personality and personal style to shine through in every detail. Whether you are planning an intimate garden elopement or the biggest event of the century, we will be by your side to bring your dream wedding to life and ensure that your big day runs smoothly so you don't have to worry about a thing.


This should be the happiest day of your life! Don't waste this day on stress!


You deserve to truly enjoy every second of this momentous occasion. 

Now that you have come down off the natural high from the engagement excitement,

the reality of what being engaged means,

has started to sink in.

You are getting married!

You've probably started scouring Pinterest for all kinds of fabulous ideas but you just don't know what to do with all these ideas, how to incorporate your favorite ideas into your big day or even where to start the actual planning process.

You need help! You need guidance. You need the support of a confidante. 

You need a professional, who feels like a friend, to help you navigate your way to the wedding of your dreams!

Anticipation and planning is half the fun! Let's get started!

We've got packages and ala carte services to meet the needs of all our clients! If you would like to group specific services or if you don't see the services you are looking for, please feel free to send us an email or schedule a consultation! 

Base Packages

Base Packages

Round dinner tables with pink flowers stand on beautiful decorated backyard.jpg

Luxury Wedding Weekend

Time is of the essence!

And there never seems to be enough time!

There is nothing worse than having

to rush around for your wedding!

Slow down and enjoy every second!

Turn your wedding into a multi-day event to allow yourself the time to truly enjoy your wedding and your guests!

Starting at $4,000

Beach Wedding

Surreal Plan & Design

This VIP service is tailored to be exactly what you want it to be.


Simple as can be,

show up and say "I Do"




be involved every step of the way!

Starting at $3,000

Wedding Tables

Tranquility Plan & Design

We will work together to plan the wedding of your dreams!


A comprehensive package that gives you help and guidance throughout the entire process from start to finish.

Ensuring a cohesive and stylish design for an unforgettable and breath taking experience!

Starting at $2,500

Couple in Love

The Serenity Plan

You've done most of the planning and you've done a fabulous job!


you've done all that you can do.

Now you could use some help

to tie up the loose ends!

Sit back and relax!

We've got this!

Starting at $1,500

Wedding Aisle

Peace of Mind Coordination

Murphy's law states :

"Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong!"

That's why you need a personal assistant to work behind the scenes!

Every planned or unplanned situation will be handled with discretion so that you can focus on getting married to the love of your life and making incredible, once in a lifetime memories!

Starting at $750

Bridal Bouquet

The Simplicity Plan

Have it your way


The Simplicity Plan!

If our packages aren't quite

what you are looking for,

don't worry, we've got you covered

with our hourly plan. 

Starting at $35

Wedding Day

Serendipity Program

If by chance,

none of our packages will work

with your budget,

contact us about our Serendipity Program!

We may be able to put together a package

that better suits your budget!

Starting at $500

Click Here to Compare Base Packages!
Special Packages

Specialty Packages

Forest Wedding

Intimate Affair

An intimate affair is for those couples who  choose a smaller guest list
of only their nearest and dearest

friends and family.

This package can be tailored to be exactly what you want it to be.

An intimate affair is any of our other packages scaled down for a more private celebration of fifty people or less.

(More info coming soon)

Get the details ...

Starting at $800

Outdoor Wedding Shoot

Romantic Rendezvous

A Romantic Rendezvous is designed

for a small romantic wedding.

This package can be tailored to be exactly what you want it to be. 

A romantic Rendezvous is any of our other packages scaled down for a private celebration of twenty-five people or less.

(More info coming soon)

Get the details ...

Starting at $500

Bride and Groom with Sparklers

Private Ceremony

Forget the courthouse and

elope in style

with a private ceremony

designed specifically for 

you and your partner! 

A private ceremony

is any of our

other packages scaled down

for a private celebration

of ten people or less.

(More info coming soon)

Get the details ...

Starting at $300

Church Wedding

Destination Wedding

Have you always dreamed of  a small ceremony inside one of the many Castles in Ireland, a private ceremony on a mountain top in Aspen, Colorado or large lavish ceremony among the wild horses on Assateague Island, Maryland?

Share your dreams with us and we will do everything possible to make them come true!

(More info coming soon)

Get the details ...

Starting at $3,000

Aditional Services

Additional Services

Wedding Dance

Anni-Ception /
Post Weddign Reception

Anni-ception or Post Wedding Reception

also known as an anniversary reception,

are quite popular,

especially since the beginning of Covid19.

Many couples opt for a small ceremony

or even choose to elope

and then plan a large gathering

for their first anniversary or when

Covid restrictions have been lifted. 

A post wedding reception doesn't have to be pandemic related. You may choose to have a post wedding reception after a destination wedding, private or civil ceremony, a lengthy religious ceremony, or even to extend the celebration! No matter what the reason, or for no reason at all other than personal preference, you may choose to have a reception separate from your ceremony!

(More info coming soon)

Get the details ...

Starting at $750


Rehearsal & Dinner

You are the star of the show!

As with every great show,

everyone needs to know their place 

and rehearse their part to ensure your wedding day is perfect on the first take!

Wedding Rehearsal Coordination 

Rehearsal Dinner Organization

Rehearsal is typically scheduled the evening before your wedding.

(More info coming soon)

Get the details ...

Starting at $200

Outdoor Summer Party

Post Wedding Brunch

Do you have guests coming in from out of town to attend your wedding? 

Your out of town guests went above and beyond to get here for your wedding. 

Honor and thank them with brunch the day after the wedding.

 Bid farewell to your guests in style!

(more info coming soon)

Get the details ...

Starting at $200

Pre-Wedding Parties

Pre-Wedding Celebrations

The Happy Couple

Engagement Party

What better way to announce your engagement to your friends and family than with a party? 

The engagement party is often the first meeting of both partner's families. 

Whether an intimate gathering of your closest friends and family or a big blow out is your style, don't miss out on this opportunity for your two families to come together as one!

(More info coming soon)

Get the details ...

Starting at $200

Party Table

Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is a celebration

of the impending nuptials.

 Your close family and friends

come together to celebrate

in anticipation of your wedding.

Guests often "shower" the bride or couple with housewares to assist in establishing a new home together or

with cash contributions

toward the cost of the wedding.

(More info coming soon)

Starting at $200


Bachelor / Bachelorette 


The wedding details have all been planned, the hard part is over and it's finally time to take a break!

Kick back with your close friends, reminisce about your single days, celebrate your upcoming nuptials

and just relax!

How will you celebrate?

Two separate parties or

one big celebration?

This isn't your grandmother's era, 

You can celebrate however you choose fit!

(More info coming soon)

Get the details ...

Starting at $200

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